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Things I Love: March

Every once in a while, my favorite blogs will post lists of things they're watching/reading/doing, along with their reviews. I don't know why they're my favorite kind of posts, but I always appreciate them for providing real life recommendations from a trusted, respectable source. It keeps me updated on movies or books worth investing in, products that make life easier, etc.

So welcome to my first edition of things I love as of recent.

Summer Adventures


It turns out my time at the Happiest Place On Earth isn't over yet... I'll be returning to Orlando this summer to participate in the Disney College Program: Summer Alumni edition!

And just when you thought my Disney obsession was fading out.

Writing With Vision

Summer 2016 at Rosemary Beach
Hey friends.

Lately I've been brainstorming ways to spice up my blog life. This led me to think about... what even is this blog? What's my vision here?

They tell you to pick a certain niche for your blog; whether it be food, fashion, DIY, travel, etc. I look back at my first few posts over a year and a half ago, and I would say I started out as a lifestyle blog. Then my posts began to dive deeper and deeper into my personal life, and now I feel like the blog is an angsty college-girl's version of tumblr.

See, I love fashion. I love adventures. I love photography. I love life. I love Jesus. How do I incorporate all of those things into a blog that's worth reading?

Let's Get Down To Business

Well it's been two and a half years, and I can finally say that I like my major. I may even venture to say I love it.

For those unaware, I am a business major concentrating in entrepreneurship; and I notoriously hate school. I hate spending hours in class and taking notes.

And I hate studying. 

When people would ask me about my major and if I liked it, until now my honest answer would have been that I was not all that fond of it. My classes were boring. They weren't extraordinarily difficult, but it wasn't like I was a brilliant shining star of business either. Accounting and economics are kind of hard to get passionate about. 

I began to envy my friends who were genuinely in love with their major. I could see it in the way they talked about their classes and professors with such excitement. They actually enjoyed going to class... a foreign concept to me???

They were passionate about what they were doing. Art majors were passionate about creating. Journalism majors were passionate about writing and news. Science majors were passionate about living things and green stuff. Engineering majors, though difficult in course work, were passionate bout math and loved all the things I will never fully appreciate. 

So why didn't I just switch majors?