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10 Things I Love About Fall

Happy first day of fall, ya'll!

I'm celebrating by wearing a pretty dress, devouring some Dove milk chocolate caramels, and watercolor painting to Ben Rector (yes, I'm still playing that album that came out a month ago).

I don't think I truly appreciated the fall season until recent years; it was just the pre-Christmas season. Also, I feel like the color orange represents fall, and I was never a big fan of orange. But there is so much to do, so much to enjoy!

Things I love about fall:

1. Chai lattes.

I can finally drink a warm chai latte without sweating. There is nothing better than it being chilly outside with warm tea/coffee in hand. I feel so seasonal and hipster-y.

2. Cool weather.

Okay, so that doesn't roll around for us Louisianians until November, but the past few days have been cool in the morning so I've been pretending.

3. Cooler weather = sweater weather.

Fall and spring are my favorite outfit seasons: you're not freezing and you're not sweating. Break out the sweaters, scarves, and tights! And layering! I've missed layering so much. I've already made a (few) shopping trip(s) to update my fall wardrobe, and now I want to wear everything even though it's ridiculous to wear boots in 90 degree weather. But now that it's officially fall, I need to wear fall colored things which are all warmer pieces so what is a girl to do.

It's Okay To Be Lonely

Sometimes I am lonely.

Not for friends, or company, or someone to talk to.

I am lonely for a "significant other." A soulmate, a best friend with a side of romance. A Jack to my Rose; a Noah to Allie; a Troy to Gabriella. Ah, the plight of singleness.

I know every girl feels or has felt this way before. It's not a new thing, and I don't even think it's something to be ashamed of.

Yesterday as I was walking to class, I passed a couple who were walking and talking together. I just happened to glance at them when their hands met, and their fingers intertwined. And it just stuck out to me because it was so natural, like their hands were made for each other. Like they just fit.

Now I don't even know these people. I'm just creepin'. I don't know what their relationship is like or who they are... I didn't even look at their faces. But in that moment when their hands met, I felt a subtle ache in my heart. I couldn't get this couple out of my head all day. I had this longing for romance; to love and be loved. I wanted that. And honestly, don't we all?

Whenever I would experience loneliness and longing in the past, I would have asked God to take it away from me. I didn't want to go through it anymore; I just wanted it to be gone. Feeling nothing was better than hurting. I was ashamed of myself for feeling this way. I felt like longing for a relationship was weak or pathetic.