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Two Months Later...

LOL at the time I said I was going to try and update my blog regularly. Just kidding about that.

But now is as good a time to blog as any. Forgive me for what this post will end up being... who knows what all I'll end up writing about by the end.

I've been here almost 2 whole months now! I'm still loving my program as much as when I started. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I'm working specifically in Hollywood Studios at Oscar's Stroller Rentals and all the merchandise shops on the right side of the boulevard (including the Darkroom, Cover Story, Celebrity 5 & 10, and Head To Toe).

Post-work hang out at Steak 'N Shake
I absolutely love work family! Merchandise is a really fun role with lots of guest interaction which can be both exciting but also taxing. Each cast member plays a role in making a guest's vacation magical, which can leave us exhausted at the end of the day. Honestly though, it's worth it; I love getting paid to simply be kind.