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Lifegroup Affirmations 2k15

Last night was our last lifegroup meeting of the semester. On the last night, we always do Affirmations, which is just a time of lifting up, encouraging, and loving on our fellow sisters. Each lifegroup does it differently, but we this time we decided to take over a conference room with a white board in the union. We traced the silhouette of each person, and they stepped out of the room while we wrote or illustrated why we love them around the silhouette. Then they came back in blindfolded, and we took a picture of them in front of the white board surrounded by their affirmations.

It's always a really sweet time together because we get to focus on all the qualities that make each of us so beautiful. This one was especially good, just because it was the last lifegroup with these girls before I go to Disney in the Spring. I can't wait to spend my days in Disney, but I'm sure gonna miss these times with my sisters.

So here are the pictures from last night. They are filled with much love and inside jokes, quotes each of us say a lot, some of our favorite songs and people.

P. S. The lighting made us all look like serial killers, but it's okay.