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The DCP And Me

Hey everyone! I know it's been a while, but if you haven't already heard...


What is the Disney College Program? It's considered a paid internship with Walt Disney World (or Disneyland) where I accept a specific "role" and work for Disney for a semester.

I can choose to take one or two of the courses Disney offers, which include courses like Disney Human Resource Management, Disney Marketing, Disney Heritage, etc. It's different for every school, but for LSU, most of those courses will count as an Elective in my schoolwork. There is one course specifically (Disney Corporate Analysis) that will count toward my Business Management degree so lucky me! I know there are seminar courses and collegiate courses; the difference is that seminar is on site learning, and collegiate is like a normal college course, but with the opportunity to apply what you're learning to the workplace. There are some DCP students that choose to take online courses from their home university, but I won't be. Who wants to be doing schoolwork while at Disney World!? The only way I'm able to do the program without taking any online courses is that I'm far enough ahead in my school work towards my degree to basically take off a semester.