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Traditions, Training, & One Magical Trip

Hello hello! I've been having the greatest time here in Orlando, so here's an update on the highlights of my program so far.


Olivia, me, Maggie, Jessica, Sarah, Kennedy
So two nights after we all moved in, the roommates and I traveled to the Yacht & Beach Club resort to conquer the famous Kitchen Sink dessert.

The Kitchen Sink is located in the Beaches & Cream Soda Shop. We didn't have a reservation, so the wait was 2 hours (but worthhhhh it!). I didn't know the resorts were more than just a hotel, and the Yacht & Beach Club resort is home of the Disney Boardwalk. We got to walk around and watch fireworks, so the wait wasn't bad at all.

We got the Chocolate Lover's Kitchen Sink and finished it all of course!

DCP: The First Few Days

I am SO LATE on updating everyone on my DCP adventure, but I haven't had time (or motivation tbh) to sit down and share. Here's a really long post on what I've been up to!


I checked in to my program at Disney!

After driving 12 hours across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, my parents and I finally arrived the night before check-in.

My check-in time was at 12:15pm at the Vista Way pavilion. Check-in is where you find out your work and housing location. Some people go straight to Casting after check-in, which is a short bus ride away where you do fingerprints and paperwork; but I had Casting the next day, which was nice so that I had time to move in all my things to the apartment.

Speaking of the apartment, we ended up in Vista Way (there are four complexes: Vista Way, Commons, Chatham, and Patterson). It's a three bedroom, two bath apartment, which was actually one of our last preferences just because Vista is the oldest of the complexes and has a rumored reputation. But... our apartment is nice and cozy, and it's all good because roommate requests aren't guaranteed, but luckily we were all put in the same apartment.

Check-in went smoothly. I waited in a long line for a while, but it probably only took about an hour in total. Afterwards, I went and picked up my parents from the hotel, and then we moved everything in.