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Friday Night Reflections

Happy weekend to everyone! For most of the people I know, this marks the end of the first week of the college school year. The first week is always the best week because it's syllabus week aka usually nothing too hard is assigned or due. And Friday is the best day because it's the beginning of the weekend!

My Friday consisted of going to class, and then making the two hour drive back home for the weekend. I needed to pick up a few things, and cuddle with my dogs. Now comfortably settled in my own bed, I am serenaded by the sweet sounds of Ben Rector's brand new album "Brand New." No really, it's called "Brand New" and it's going to be on repeat for a good three weeks. I highly suggest anything Ben Rector.

Now as my life is slowing down a bit, I'm able to process my week and everything that's happened recently. So many changes have occurred for everyone, I'm sure, in such short time.

Being back at school has been so incredible already. This year, my university really feels like home. I feel more confident, established, comfortable. I have a community to be a part of, and I know what my place is there. I've learned that sometimes you just need to watch High School Musical and sing every word with your friends on the first night of school. Wednesday night I learned how to play hostess and cook for 17 people. That was a fun experience... had to call my mom for help on that one. Also I'm learning the rights of a pedestrian on a bicycle? I still don't know all the rules...

My Apartment

Well, I'm a few days late, but I am finally moved in to my apartment on campus! After pouring rain and zero parking, I am reunited with my beautiful campus and my darling friends. Decorating my room is one of my favorite parts of moving in, and I thought I would share some of my interior design skillz. I am definitely a fan of gold and all kinds of sparkly things, so don't be surprised at this recurring theme.

I'm OBSESSED with gallery walls. My home decor Pinterest board is full of them!

I got my prints here and here. I got the Starry Night poster from a poster sale on campus.

Three Things You Won't Learn At Freshman Orientation

With college move-in days quickly approaching/already happening, I will soon be an official sophomore. PRAISE. Freshman year was one of the most fun, growing years of my life as of yet, but I'm hoping now that I'm an older, wiser college girl, that I'll be able to shake off that sign above my head that screams "FRESHMAN OVER HERE."

So in the midst of all the preparations and tips for moving in and starting school, I wanted to share a bit of reflection on what freshman year actually taught me, besides how to be especially awkward and how to graph a limit (business calc, I'm lookin' at you).

1. Study hard, but don't forget to live. School isn't everything.

Now before you stop reading and I start getting hate comments, just hear me out. I don't mean that you should never study and throw away yours (or your parent's) tuition money for the sake of yolo. Absolutely not. Your primary goal for going to school is to get a degree, so keep that in mind.

But also take the time to know and invest in the abundant amounts of relationships you have thrown in your lap. I can't even keep track of the new faces I met, and the beautiful friendships I made by taking a night off from studying and doing something fun (aka 80's movie nights and late night donut runs). I just think it's okay to live a little. Make memories. Take time for yourself. If getting straight A's is your thing, then by all means go for it. Just don't let life or people pass you by.

(Disclaimer: does not apply to engineering or pre-med majors)